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 [Net/Taïwan/Août 2010](mtv.com.tw) - Tokio Hotel - Exclusive Interview with MTV.tw

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[Net/Taïwan/Août 2010](mtv.com.tw) - Tokio Hotel  - Exclusive Interview with MTV.tw Empty
MessageSujet: [Net/Taïwan/Août 2010](mtv.com.tw) - Tokio Hotel - Exclusive Interview with MTV.tw   [Net/Taïwan/Août 2010](mtv.com.tw) - Tokio Hotel  - Exclusive Interview with MTV.tw Icon_minitime1Jeu 12 Aoû - 10:59

[Net/Taïwan/Août 2010](mtv.com.tw) - Tokio Hotel  - Exclusive Interview with MTV.tw Tawan

Editor M made and arranged the interview in Malaysia.

This May came Tokio Hotel to Malaysia for a small concert and within three months they flew over once again for 2010 MTV Malasia World Stage, which made all the local fans so excited, many other fans in Asia all made their way here to see their shining idols! And this time MTV Taiwan was the only press in Taiwan that got to interview Tokio Hotel. The german instinct got not so well along with the difference in temperature in and outdoors here in tropical countries. Once in the press room claimed Bill immediately that it was so cold inner room and asked curiously, wouldn't people here often catch cold when the temperature difference is so great in Malaysia? With the fascinating charm conquering the whole world yet gentle and pleasant to be with, Tokio Hotel answered all the questions and shared their inward world generously with fans of MTV TW.

As the second visit to Malaysia, what for sepcial would you bring to fans this time?

Bill: We really look forward to this performace and we prepared some original stage setting and plot from Humanoid City Live, which would turn out really awesome experience!

You guys have any chance to meet up with other artists who also came for MTV Malaysia World Stage?

Tom: I met Kay Perry shortly, meaning almost 30 seconds.

You have to do worldwide promotion and must be questioned for thousands of times that why you would pick "Tokio" Hotel as your name, how does it feel, answering such monotonous record-like question? And does it ever lead to a change of the band name?

Bill: Right! This is exactly the first question we faced in the press conference today. To us it is always cherised when we go to a new place for promotion, we all treasure these opportunities, therefore we'd expect the journalists provide us more different questions, letting people know more about us. When the band name question reaches my ears it makes me kinda sad, don't you have others questions for us?

Tom: We haven't thought about getting a new name, otherwise we would have do play the whole routine again!

Is there any special lucky charm you guys must bring along to the stage?

Bill: I must carry along my own microphone, cuz it's super disgusting to share mircophones with other people.

Georg: I wear this belt everytime.

Has any fan tried to steal Georg's belt?

Tom: Never!

The octopus Paul is recently extraordinary popular in Germany, and if Paul and foretell something for you, what would you like to know?

Bill: Whoa this is a hard question, I really don't know... Maybe when would Tokio Hotel go to Tokyo. We plan to go there this year and I'd like to know Paul's point of view.

How do you think about Paul and do you guys have any other superstition?

Bill: At the very beginning I found Paul somewhat laughable, however it predicted correctly each time, I consider it pretty mysterious. I myself believe in a flood of mysteries, for example we all believe that the aliens exist, it is way too insane to conclude that we were the one and only being in the universe.

Do you believe the existence of the vampires?

Bill: Perhaps on other planets.

Imagine the aliens came to the earth to attend Tokio Hotel's concert, what would they say?

Tom: Amazing!

Bill: We really feel like performing on the other planets in front of the aliens.

Tom: We'd like to be the first band which perform in outer space, saying the moon or the Mars!

You are getting more and more successful internationally, would the future albums recorded both in German and English?

Bill: We are not so sure for now. Making english Albums were our own ideas for the reason that we hope more fans could come to the comprehension of our music.

Tom: However it means taking a much longer time to make an album, for all the songs would be recorded twince. If there were 50 songs, then we'd have to do it 100 times.

Bill: Exactly. And as a result two versions of lyrics have to be done.

You also write the English lyrics by your own?

Bill: Yes, meanwhile other people would give a hand sometimes.

Tom & Bill: This album is however different. Last one we had the German version first and then we tried to translate the lyrics one by one. And this time we did it parallelly, both German and English versions at the same time. To us this meant true challenge and it costed much effort and time.

Can you guys shared with us about the experiences of being international?

Bill: People may thought it was easy for us, yet the beginning was quite hard. When we paid the first visit to France no one knew who we were and nobody would like to interview a band from Germany, we could only give interviews to small presses. The start was truly arduous.

What's your following plan or aim?

Tom: Besides worldwide tour, it's a trip to the outer space playing a concert for the aliens.

You are highly admired and have numbers of crazy fans in Germany, how do you guys protect your private lives?

Bill: For Tom and me it is hardly possible. At any time there are paparazzis and fans out of our house, between which stand the wall and securites. It could be stated that we have little private life.

Georg: Comparatively speaking Gustav and me have little more privacy, but we still try not to catch attentions, when we for example go to see a long time released late show. But for Bill und Tom it's fairly tough.

What do you do when you have breaks and vacations?

Gustav: No idea cuz we haven't had a vacation for a long time! (all watched toward their manager and the manager laughed awkwardly)

Bill: When it is possilbe Tom and me would look for a island with rare people there to take a break, however even if we did so, it is hardly possible to get rid of the paparazzis. We can only try as hard to get used to their exsitence.

Tom: We work almost the whole year everywhere, and I have the flights, so that I want to stay at home when I have a break.

If there was no surrounding of paparazzis and crazy fans, which kind of leisure activities would you like to do?

Bill: If no paparazzis and crazy fans... mostly I'd like to do what the ordinary people do, like going to the theme park, some thing like that, to enjoy some normal life.

Tom: Indeed.

Source : http://www.mtv.com.tw/mtvstars_info.html?k=1&d=25 et Translation by Lucee Angelo @ tokiohotelchina.com
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[Net/Taïwan/Août 2010](mtv.com.tw) - Tokio Hotel - Exclusive Interview with MTV.tw
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